TAEKWONDO– Traditional Korean “World Taekwondo“(WT) Martial Arts. For Ages 4.5 – Adult.  Belt promotion testing every 8 weeks, if approved by instructor. The art of taekwondo focuses on punching and kicking. Black Belts are certified and documented, for a lifetime in Korea.

MMA – Non-Traditional / No-Gi Martial Arts. Not limited to submission grappling, jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling, kick-boxing, and self-defense.

Women ONLY Kickboxing 15yr + – Non-stop Women ONLY Kickboxing conditioning exercises.

(Women’s Kickboxing is a separate class and fee, it is not included with Taekwondo)

Intense Cardio – 45-60 Minutes of Non-Stop Cardio Exercises.  Students are encouraged to go at their own pace and KEEP MOVING.  Bring Water.  Music is provided.  Open to ALL Taekwondo and MMA Students 12 yrs + and ALL Team Roundhouse