Tuition’s and Seminars

Please indicate what type of payment you are making so we can apply it correctly.

We need to know the Students Name, Payment type and Date of Event or dates for Tuition coverage.


Please let us know if you have any questions



Tuition Payments:

This payment portal is for CURRENT and ACTIVE students to pay their KNOWN tuition rate.

If you do NOT know your tuition rate then call the office @ 253-584-5966

If you do not pay your tuition in full then there will be a late fee applied.  You will then need to bring all tuition and fees current prior to continuing classes or participate in Belt Testing or Promotions

This is NOT for auto deduct students, any payments over this website will NOT change your auto deduct payment.

Signing up for Auto deduct can save you $50 or more EVERY Month.


Seminar Payments:

Please communicate with the office if you have any questions about the amounts.


Please also indicate the Students Name and date of the Event



Please use this payment portal to make your Tuition or Event payments. If your tuition is not payed in full by the due date you will be assessed a Late Fee.

Contact the office for the full amount due before you complete this purchase.
Signing up for Auto deduct can save you $50 or more EVERY month.

Office – 253-584-5966
Email –