Child 301A


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Age Gender Favorite Color Shirt Size Pant Size Jacket Size Sock Size Underwear Size Diaper Size Pajama Size Shoe Size Additional Needs Wants
10  ‘Masculine’  ‘Blue’ Kids 12 Kids 12 Kids 12 6.5 Kids Kids 12  ‘None’ Kids 12 6.5 Kids Socks, Winter Boots Ninjago Legos



if you adopt this Child, we ask that you provide the listed items in the correct sizes, please also consider the childs needs and wants.

Quantities are up to you, but please take into consideration that our families are in need.

Each of our Families information have been verified by the combined Service Organizations of North Mason County and we are confident that they are in need.  100% of your donation goes to the child that you have selected.

Please see information on the flyer for drop off dates, locations and other questions.