Back to School 1 Month Special – ONLINE ONLY


Heading back to School?  Are you looking for something the kids can do to keep them busy after school this year?

How about that busy adulting lifestyle, and you feel like you don’t do anything for yourself?


lets start with a one month Trial.

Build yourself up, do something in the afternoons and feel better about yourself.

Keep the kids occupied after school in a fun and welcoming environment where they can learn the skills that will help them in their lives.


Stay with us longer then a month and earn your belts colors and even go all the way to Black Belt!!!!


it is an exciting journey that teaches you many things about yourself and gives you the confidence that you might be looking for


This offer includes a one Month Single student enrollment.


Contact the Office to establish you start date


this receipt will expire in 90 day from the date purchased.


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