Team Roundhouse

Competition Team


We are actively recruiting new competitors!!

Do you love to compete?

Do you want to travel?

Do you want to be a part of something AWESOME?


Black Belt USA * Battleground MMA would love to not only build you into a CHAMPION with amazing physical skills but also to help you develop the TRUE heart of a Champion, through consistent and intense training.

We are pleased to offer, Team Roundhouse ONLY!!!, Special Training times every Saturday at Noon for our Competition Team.  These practices help to prepare our competitors to dominate at our next competitions.

Team Roundhouse Tournaments are mostly local, with only a few having us travel out-of-state.  You get to pick and choose what competitions you want to compete in.

Competition Fees are not included in Team Membership





Team Roundhouse Uniform and Jacket


Contact us to Join Team Roundhouse


BEcome a Team Roundhouse Member

All it takes is you applying yourself and committing to train harder 

All Current color Belt Students

$175 Joining Fee.  Competition Team Uniform and Personalized Jacket are included.

All Current Black Belt Students

No Joining Fee.  You must purchase your own Team Roundhouse Uniform and Personalized Jacket for $100.


What do I get for being a Team Roundhouse Competitor

All Team Roundhouse Members get exclusive Competition Team Uniforms that can be worn to all of our classes and tournaments. 


They also receive a Personalized Team Roundhouse Jacket with the Students name embroidered on the front.
Every Team Roundhouse Member receives Individual Special Training EVERY Saturday from our Instructors and Coaches. 
Team Roundhouse offers individual Coaching and Mentorship for our members at EVERY Tournament.
Team Roundhouse include special, Team Roundhouse ONLY, Tournament Opportunities.
Upcoming Events for Team Roundhouse: